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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Herb Pile!

Tarragon in it's natural state! Who knew! I had such a good time pruning and weeding the herb garden at FCG the other day! It was so interesting to see the herbs in their natural environment! Tarragon is one of my favorites, seems like I could grow this one at home unlike the epic fail of the cilantro that keeps happening! St John's wart looks just like a weed, thank goodness someone had the good sense to put a sign up. Lemongrass, mint, lemon tea tree, rosemary, oregano, and so many more that I didn't know. Can't wait to help with the signs, figure out what is what and try some new herbs cooking at home!

Friday, September 14, 2012

Butterfly Bush

The Butterfly Bush or Buddleja was blooming out of control at my in-laws in North Carolina. Couldn't wait to get out there every morning and take some photos! The mosquitoes were out too, didn't love all the bites but I do love these pix I took!

Corn down..Beets OK!!

My corn didn't do very well at all but the beets are awesome! I think they are just about ready for harvest! My husband doesn't like beets but I told him I was going to boil them, then cut and pan fry with garlic and olive oil and add them to a baby greens salad with goat cheese, he was willing to try it! I planted strawberries and more corn as well, keep you posted!