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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Potato Death...sigh...

The potatoes have died, it was a sad day. I didn't want to pull them from the ground but I did. I found a couple small potatoes that had grown and I have taken them home to cook. I replanted with dill, onions and cucumbers. Next time, I will plat them when it's warmer, I think it was too cold and then too hot...sigh...

Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Summer, Crook Neck or Yellow matter what you call it, it's grown and was my first harvest yesterday! I got two and I'm super excited. I found out that my leaves have mold and the cure you ask for said mold...1 part milk and 9 parts water, spray and wait. I'm going to try this trick next time and see what happens. Nobody wants moldy squash. Dinner tonight, fresh squash!!

Knee High by the 4th of July

My husband tells me that's what they say about corn. It's past me knee but I planted early and watered often. I am so excited about the corn. It seems like the healthiest item in the garden right now. I geeked out with Julie from the FCG yesterday about our gardens and our corn! I planted sweet corn and she went crazy with Blue corn. Good luck to us both!

This is what happens....

...when you let your artichokes go too long without harvest! I was out of town when this one was ready and I'm so sad. I pruned this one and 2 others off, I hope the plant continues to grow. Looks like there could be a new baby on the artichoke that is!